Contact information

Mailing Address:
Fernando Guevara Vasquez
University of Utah
Department of Mathematics
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112-0090
Office: JWB 330
Phone number: +1 801-581-6131
Email: fguevara(AT)
(replace (AT) by @)


A complete curriculum vitae/resumé is available here: resume.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your last name?

My last name is “Guevara Vasquez”. This is a last name composed of two words and should be indexed with the letter “G”. Such composed last names are commonly used in El Salvador, the country I am originary from, and in other countries in Latin America.

Is “Guevara” a middle name?


When I use bibtex for my bibliography I keep getting “F. G. Vasquez”. What can I do to display your last name correctly?

Thank you for your concern! The easiest workaround to force Latex to display my last name in two words is to write in your bibtex file

{Guevara Vasquez}

The braces indicate that the two words are treated as a unit in LaTeX and will not be displayed (thanks to Nelson Beebe for the tip). Another option is to write the author field in the format

Guevara Vasquez, Fernando \and LAST NAME, FIRST NAME

Why do you have an FAQ on this?

Because this is a question I get a lot and I do see my last name miswritten pretty often.