University of Utah SIAM Chapter Presents: Utah's Next Top Model

(Delayed until future notice)

Unfortunately, the grant funding for this event was cancelled. We are disappointed in the decision made and the last minute nature of this cancellation has left us in a bit of a scramble. We are excited to host this but want to make the event as good as we can. To that end, we will be delaying this event until the next academic year.

Please join us for the inaugural University of Utah SIAM chapter modeling competition. The competition will take place on March 13th and you and a team of two other students will be asked to model a situation and submit a roughly five page solution in 24 hours. This competition is an opportunity to combine your mathematical skills and creativity. A full set of rules can be found here.

Participants who register and submit a solution will get some form of SWAG that is to be determined, but it will be cooler than a T-shirt.

We recommend students have taken calculus 3 or be in calculus 3 to participate.

You can register as a team or as an individual, if you register as an individual we will match you with a team. If you are registering as a team please include the name of your teammates. If you only have two teammates we will match you with a third participant. The registration form can be found here.

The University of Utah SIAM Student Chapter is grateful for the financial supported provided by ASUU.