Weekly Math Education/Teaching

2019-2020 academic year (Fall and Spring) 3:30 to 4:30 pm in AEB 310

Spring, 2020

Date Speaker
January 10 "Enhancing Equitable Participation in the College Classroom" by Tracy Dobie
January 17 NO seminar this week
January 24 "How do your students know what they know?: The complicated relationship between assessment and learning" by Spencer Bagley
January 31 "Undergraduate students’ voices in STEM courses" workshop (WITH PHYSICS)
February 7 NO seminar this week
February 14 "Students' ownership of their learning and their mathematics" by Sabine Lang
February 21 "Messy Situations in the Classroom" workshop led by Pearl Sandick (WITH PHYSICS)
February 28 "So Many Teaching Tools: What Matters Most?" by Rebecca Noonan-Heale
March 6 "Eighth Characteristic of Successful Calculus Programs" by Jess Ellis Hagman
March 13 NO seminar this week (Spring Break)
March 20 CANCELLED workshop (WITH PHYSICS)
March 27 CANCELLED "Intervening with Distressed Students" workshop with the U of U Counseling Center and Dean of Students
April 3 by Matt Voigt
April 17 CANCELLED by Hannah Lewis
April 24 CANCELLED by Allechar Serrano Lopez

Fall, 2019

Date Speaker
August 23 "First Day Case Study" workshop led by Kelly MacArthur, using materials from CoMiNDs research
August 30 "Teacher Moves that Promote Mathematical Learning" by Ray Barton
September 6 "U TEACH: Self-Reflection and Improvement" workshop (WITH PHYSICS)
September 13 "Kids These Days: A Tour of the Modern K-12 Mathematics Classroom" by Amanda Cangelosi
September 20 " 'Maybe': Naming Our Assumptions to Be Better Teachers" by Jess Cleeves
September 27 "Facilitating Effective Group Work" workshop (WITH PHYSICS)
October 4 "Changing Sections Case Study" workshop led by Kelly MacArthur, using materials from CoMiNDs research
October 11 Fall Break--no seminar
October 18 "Inclusive teaching: a living oxymoron POV" by Allechar Serrano Lopez
October 25 "Bias and Micro-aggressions workshop" with Liz Rogers and Ella Blanchard (WITH PHYSICS)
November 1 "Calculus--a Study of Continuous Change" by Matt Cecil
November 8 "A brief and illuminating sales pitch for MAA’s Project NExT" Spencer Bagley
November 15 CANCELLED--Kelly's at a conference
November 22 "Snippets of Excellent Teaching" Workshop (WITH PHYSICS)
November 29 Thanksgiving--no seminar
December Reading Day--no seminar