Mathematics Courses Summer 2018

NOTE: The following course information is subject to change without notice, please see the official University of Utah Class Schedule for up to date course offerings, meeting days, times, rooms and instructors.

Section  Course  Days  Time  Session  Room  CompInstructor
1010-002Intrm AlgebraMo-Fr  10:00AM-12:15PMFirst  JWB 335  LEC  HEXEM, N.
1010-018Intrm AlgebraMo-Fr  08:05AM-09:25AMSecond  ANNEX 2056  LEC  PAPADOPOULOS, A. A.
1010-090Intrm Algebra    TBA  LEC  KRTOLICA, P.
1030-002Intro Quant ReasoningMo-Th  10:00AM-11:30AMSecond  WEB 2250  LEC  YAGHMAYI, K.
1030-070Intro Quant ReasoningTuTh  04:00PM-07:00PMFirst  SANDY 107  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1030-090Intro Quant Reasoning    TBA  LEC  NELSON, A.
1050-001Coll AlgMo-Th  12:30PM-02:45PMSecond  JWB 335  LEC  TAN, C.
1050-003Coll AlgMo-Th  10:00AM-12:15PMFirst  ST 104  LEC  NOONAN-HEALE, R.
1050-070Coll AlgMoWe  06:15PM-08:30PM  SANDY 106  LEC  NORDSTROM, J. P.
1050-090Coll Alg    TBA  LEC  NOONAN-HEALE, R.
1060-002TrigMo-Th  10:00AM-11:50AMSecond  WEB 2230  LEC  CARAPEZZA, L. J.
Also meets     WEB 1230      
Also meets Mo-Th  10:00AM-11:50AM  WEB 2230      
1060-003TrigMoWeFr  08:45AM-09:45AM  WEB L110  LEC  SCHOENING, A. L.
1060-070TrigTuTh  06:00PM-08:45PMMisc  SANDY 204  LEC  HOGGAN, S. J.
1060-090Trig    TBA  LEC  SANTANA, L.
1070-001Intro Stat InferenceMoTuTh  09:00AM-10:30AMMisc  AEB 320  LEC  ROE, C. A.
1070-070Intro Stat InferenceTuTh  06:00PM-09:00PMSecond  SANDY 201  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1080-001PrecalculusMo-Th  10:00AM-11:20AM  WEB L110  LEC  SCHOENING, A. L.
1090-002Business AlgebraMoWeFr  09:00AM-11:15AMFirst  JTB 130  LEC  ROTA, F.
1090-003Business AlgebraMoWeFr  10:00AM-12:15PMSecond  JWB 333  LEC  CHOI, S. C.
1090-090Business Algebra    TBA  LEC  EICHBERG, R.
1100-002Business CalculusMoWeFr  09:00AM-11:15AMSecond  JTB 130  LEC  CHEN, H.
1210-001Calculus IMo-Fr  07:30AM-08:30AM  JFB 102  LEC  CHOI, S. C.
1210-002Calculus IMo-Fr  12:00PM-01:30PMMisc  AEB 320  LEC  WILLIS, N. S.
1210-003Calculus IMo-Fr  09:30AM-01:00PMMisc  JFB 102  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
1210-090Calculus I    TBA  LEC  CECIL, M.
1220-001Calculus IIMo-Th  12:30PM-01:30PM  JTB 140  LEC  CAHILL, N.
1220-002Calculus IIMo-Fr  09:30AM-01:00PMMisc  JFB 102  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
1220-003Calculus IIMo-Th  08:00AM-09:30AMMisc  JTB 120  LEC  SMOLKIN, D.
1220-090Calculus II    TBA  LEC  CECIL, M.
1320-001Engineering Calculus IIMo-Fr  08:30AM-09:30AM  WEB 1250  LEC  HOGANSON, H. L.
2200-001Discrete MathematicsMoWeFr  08:45AM-09:45AM  LCB 225  LEC  KENKEL, J. R.
2210-001Calculus IIIMoWeFr  02:00PM-02:50PM  JTB 130  LEC  JOHNSON, T.
2210-002Calculus IIIMo-Fr  09:30AM-01:00PMMisc  JFB 102  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
2210-070Calculus IIIMoWe  06:00PM-09:00PMFirst  SANDY 204  LEC  MANNING, T. W.
2210-090Calculus III    TBA  LEC  CECIL, M.
2250-001Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMo-Fr  07:30AM-08:30AM  LCB 219  LEC  UNDERDOWN, J. D.
2250-002Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMo-Fr  12:00PM-01:00PM  LCB 225  LEC  STRUBE, L. F.
2270-001Linear AlgebraMo-Th  10:00AM-11:00AM  JFB B-1  LEC  MCAFEE, S.
2270-002Linear AlgebraMo-Th  10:00AM-11:00AM  ST 214  LEC  CARVAJAL ROJAS, J. A.
2280-001Intro De'sMo-Th  10:00AM-11:00AM  LCB 215  LEC  XIA, Q.
3070-001Applied Statistics IMoTuThFr  08:30AM-10:00AMMisc  LCB 323  LEC  MILLER, C. G.
3070-002Applied Statistics IWe  08:30AM-11:00AMMisc  LCB 115  LAB  MILLER, C. G.
Meets with: MATH 3170-002
3140-001Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEMo-Fr  10:00AM-11:00AM  WBB 617  LEC  ZAVITZ, D. R.
3150-001PDE's For EngineersMoWeFr  12:30PM-02:00PMFirst  JWB 335  LEC  MILES, C. E.
3150-002PDE's For EngineersMoWe  08:00AM-09:30AM  WEB 1230  LEC  STEFFEN, K. R.
3160-001Appl Compl VarTuTh  08:00AM-09:30AM  LCB 225  LEC  DINH, H. B.
3170-002R Lab IWe  08:30AM-11:00AMMisc  LCB 115  LAB  MILLER, C. G.
Meets with: MATH 3070-002
3210-001Fndns Of Analysis IMo-Th  08:45AM-09:45AM  LCB 219  LEC  TANG, S.
3220-001Fndns Of Analysis IIMoWeFr  08:30AM-09:50AM  JTB 320  LEC  ROBINSON, M. P.
4020-001Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIMo-Th  12:15PM-01:45PMMisc  LCB 121  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
4020-002Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIFr  12:15PM-01:45PMMisc  LCB 121  LAB  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
4400-001Intr To Number TheoryMoWeFr  12:30PM-01:30PM  LCB 215  LEC  SAVIN, G.
5010-002Intro To ProbabilityTuTh  05:30PM-07:00PM  TBA .  LEC  REEDER, R. W.
Meets with: MATH 6805-002
5600-001Surv-Numerical AnalysisMo-Th  11:15AM-12:15PM  JTB 320  LEC  CARROLL, S. R.
6805-002Intro to ProbabilityTuTh  05:30PM-07:00PM  TBA .  LEC  REEDER, R. W.
Meets with: MATH 5010-002

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