Mathematics Courses Spring 2018

NOTE: The following course information is subject to change without notice, please see the official University of Utah Class Schedule for up to date course offerings, meeting days, times, rooms and instructors.

Section  Course  Days  Time  Session  Room  CompInstructor
10-001Intermediate Algebra ReviewT  02:00PM-03:30PMMisc  PHYS 205  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
Also meets WH  03:00PM-07:00PM  JFB B-1      
Also meets F  03:00PM-05:00PM  PHYS 205      
Also meets T  03:30PM-07:00PM  JFB B-1      
12-001Calculus I ReviewT-F  04:00PM-06:00PMMisc  LCB 219  LEC  JOHNSON, K.
13-001Cal II or Bridge to EngineeriM-H  06:30PM-08:30PMMisc  JWB 208  LEC  NESSE, W. H.
14-001Calculus II RefresherF  01:00PM-04:00PMMisc  LCB 215  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
15-001Precalculus ReviewT  03:30PM-07:00PMMisc  LCB 215  WRK  CARAPEZZA, L. J.
Also meets WH  03:00PM-07:00PM        
Also meets F  03:00PM-05:00PM  PHYS 205      
Also meets T  02:00PM-03:30PM        
1010-001Intrm AlgebraMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 140  LEC  HEXEM, N.
1010-002Intrm AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 320  LAB  KUME, K. M.
1010-003Intrm AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB 103  LAB  KUME, K. M.
1010-004Intrm AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  WEB L122  LAB  SCHAUFELBERGER, A. N.
1010-005Intrm AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  WBB 207  LAB  SCHAUFELBERGER, A. N.
1010-006Intrm AlgebraMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 335  LEC  SCHOENING, A. L.
1010-007Intrm AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 225  LAB  LAM, S.
1010-008Intrm AlgebraH  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 335  LAB  LAM, S.
1010-009Intrm AlgebraH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 225  LAB  HALL, S. G.
1010-010Intrm AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  FASB 250  LAB  HALL, S. G.
1010-011Intrm AlgebraMTH  04:35PM-05:55PM  AEB 320  LEC  JENSEN, A. D.
1010-012Intrm AlgebraW  04:35PM-05:25PM  ST 214  LAB  GEORGE, H. M.
1010-014Intrm AlgebraW  06:00PM-06:50PM  ST 214  LAB  GEORGE, H. M.
1010-015Intrm AlgebraMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 225  LEC  NAZARENKO, E. E.
1010-016Intrm AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JFB B-1  LAB  BAYARDO, Y. J.
1010-017Intrm AlgebraH  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 323  LAB  BAYARDO, Y. J.
1010-070Intrm AlgebraTH  08:30AM-10:30AM  SANDY 107  LEC  NORDSTROM, J. P.
1010-071Intrm AlgebraTH  05:30PM-07:30PM  SANDY 107  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1010-090Intrm Algebra    TBA  LEC  KRTOLICA, P.
1030-001Intro Quant ReasoningTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  NS 203  LEC  DIRNFELD, P.
1030-004Intro Quant ReasoningTH  03:40PM-05:00PM  LCB 225  LEC  CHOI, S. C.
1030-005Intro Quant ReasoningMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  JFB B-1  LEC  ROBINSON, M. P.
1030-006Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 130  LEC  ZINN-BJORKMAN, L.
1030-007Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 104  LEC  JOVANOVIC-HACON, A.
1030-018Intro Quant ReasoningM-F  08:35AM-09:25AM  ANNEX 2056  LEC  PAPADOPOULOS, A. A.
1030-090Intro Quant Reasoning    TBA  LEC  SCHOENING, A. L.
1040-001Intro Stat/ProbabilityMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  ST 104  LEC  JOVANOVIC-HACON, A.
1050-001Coll AlgMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB 103  LEC  CUMMINGS, M.
1050-002Coll AlgMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  CSC 208  LEC  CUMMINGS, M.
1050-003Coll AlgTH  06:00PM-08:00PM  JWB 335  LEC  KLEVDAL, C. S.
1050-004Coll AlgMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  SFEBB 160  LEC  LEVIEN, E.
Meets with: MATH 1050-007
1050-005Coll AlgMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 219  LEC  TAN, C.
1050-006Coll AlgMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  FASB 295  LEC  DICKMANN, R. S.
1050-007Coll AlgMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  SFEBB 160  LEC  LEVIEN, E.
Meets with: MATH 1050-004
1050-008Coll AlgMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  WEB 1250  LEC  LEE, K. A.
1050-071Coll AlgMW  05:30PM-07:30PM  SANDY 204  LEC  HOGGAN, S. J.
1050-090Coll Alg    TBA  LEC  NOONAN-HEALE, R.
1060-001TrigMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JWB 335  LEC  KRTOLICA, P.
1060-002TrigTH  06:00PM-07:20PM  JTB 130  LEC  WU, L.
1060-003TrigMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  PAB 103  LEC  MATTEI, O.
1060-004TrigMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  CSC 208  LEC  SMOLKIN, D.
1060-005TrigMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 215  LEC  GROATHOUSE, S. A.
1060-070TrigM  06:00PM-09:00PM  SANDY 108  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1060-090Trig    TBA  LEC  LANG, S. J.
1070-001Intro Stat InferenceMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 140  LEC  STEPHENSON, N.
1070-002Intro Stat InferenceMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  JWB 335  LEC  TILLINGHAST, C. A.
1070-003Intro Stat InferenceMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  CSC 208  LEC  NURBAVLIYEV, S.
1070-004Intro Stat InferenceMW  08:05AM-09:25AM  SW 133  LEC  BOWN, J. K.
1070-070Intro Stat InferenceW  06:00PM-09:00PM  SANDY 202  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1080-001PrecalculusMWF  11:50AM-01:15PM  AEB 320  LEC  NOONAN-HEALE, R.
1080-002PrecalculusM-F  08:35AM-09:25AM  CSC 205  LEC  MURPHY, P. A.
1080-003PrecalculusM-F  09:40AM-10:30AM  CSC 10-12  LEC  ALTAVILLA, M.
1090-001Business AlgebraMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  AEB 350  LEC  MOORE, R. A.
1090-003Business AlgebraTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 219  LEC  ELICH, H.
1090-004Business AlgebraTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  WEB L114  LEC  EICHBERG, R.
1090-005Business AlgebraMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  AEB 320  LEC  MAUCK, C. M.
1090-090Business Algebra    TBA  LEC  SERRANOLOPEZ, A.
1100-001Business CalculusMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB B-1  LEC  WANG, D.
1100-002Business CalculusTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  BU C 303  LEC  PETKOVIC, M.
1100-003Business CalculusMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JFB B-1  LEC  IYENGAR, S.
1100-070Business CalculusMW  05:30PM-07:00PM  SANDY 107  LEC  NORDSTROM, J. P.
1180-001Stats for BiologistsMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  CSC 25  LEC  LEWIS, O. L.
1180-002Stats for BiologistsT  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 115  LAB  FAN, G.
1180-003Stats for BiologistsT  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 115  LAB  FAN, G.
1210-001Calculus IMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  WEB L112  LEC  MU, D.
Also meets T    WEB L110      
1210-002Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 308  LAB  YONKEE, N. A.
1210-003Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  WEB L110  LAB  YONKEE, N. A.
1210-004Calculus IMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 335  LEC  STRUBE, L. F.
1210-005Calculus IH  07:30AM-08:20AM  JWB 333  LAB  WALKER, T. N.
1210-006Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  AEB 306  LAB  WALKER, T. N.
1210-007Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 333  LAB  HOANG, K. N.
1210-008Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  MCD 230  LAB  SOLLER, D. J.
1210-009Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LS 107  LAB  SOLLER, D. J.
1210-010Calculus ITH  03:40PM-05:40PM  JTB 140  LEC  HUANG, H.
1210-011Calculus IM  03:05PM-03:55PM  LCB 121  LAB  HYLAND, T. J.
1210-012Calculus IM  04:10PM-05:00PM  MCD 130  LAB  HYLAND, T. J.
1210-013Calculus IMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  AEB 320  LEC  WANG, D.
1210-014Calculus IH  12:55PM-01:45PM  JFB B-1  LAB  PENFOLD, L. M.
1210-015Calculus IH  02:00PM-02:50PM  LCB 215  LAB  PENFOLD, L. M.
1210-016Calculus IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 215  LEC  FARRE, J. R.
Also meets T    WEB 1230      
1210-017Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 222  LAB  GHOLAMI, S.
1210-018Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  ST 216  LAB  GHOLAMI, S.
1210-019Calculus IMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  ST 205  LEC  CECIL, M.
1210-030Calculus IH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 219  LAB  BOWERS, R. R.
1210-031Calculus IH  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 219  LAB  BOWERS, R. R.
1210-090Calculus I    TBA  LEC  SANTANA, L.
1220-001Calculus IIMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  JFB 102  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
Also meets T    JFB 103      
1220-002Calculus IIMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 219  LEC  NELSON, A.
1220-003Calculus IIMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 335  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
1220-004Calculus IIMTWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  JTB 140  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
1220-005Calculus IIMW  06:00PM-07:50PM  LCB 219  LEC  BARTON, D. R.
1220-006Calculus IIMTWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  LCB 215  LEC  SU, W.
1220-070Calculus IIMW  06:00PM-08:00PM  SANDY 207  LEC  MANNING, T. W.
1220-090Calculus II    TBA  LEC  STEFFEN, K. R.
1260-001AP Calculus IIMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 222  LEC  HECHT, H.
Also meets T    LCB 215      
1310-001Engineering Calculus IMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  AEB 320  LEC  MACLAURIN, J. N.
1310-002Engineering Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 215  LAB  KIM, H.
1310-003Engineering Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 333  LAB  KIM, H.
1310-004Engineering Calculus IMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 205  LEC  MOSS, G. S.
1310-005Engineering Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 323  LAB  HULL, J. J.
1310-006Engineering Calculus IH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 323  LAB  HULL, J. J.
1320-001Engineering Calculus IIMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  HEB 2004  LEC  NESSE, W. H.
1320-002Engineering Calculus IIH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 225  LAB  TERRY, R. S.
1320-003Engineering Calculus IIH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 225  LAB  TERRY, R. S.
1320-004Engineering Calculus IIH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB B-1  LAB  PANDEY, V.
1320-005Engineering Calculus IIH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 215  LAB  PANDEY, V.
1320-006Engineering Calculus IIMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 225  LEC  LETZ, J. C.
1320-007Engineering Calculus IIH  09:40AM-10:30AM  WBB 206  LAB  CHACON-TAYLOR, D. T.
1320-008Engineering Calculus IIH  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 110  LAB  CHACON-TAYLOR, D. T.
1320-009Engineering Calculus IIMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  WEB L110  LEC  XIA, Q.
1320-010Engineering Calculus IIH  07:30AM-08:20AM  JWB 308  LAB  WEI, C.
1320-011Engineering Calculus IIH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 323  LAB  WEI, C.
1321-001Accel Eng Calc IIMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 225  LEC  HILL, S.
1321-002Accel Eng Calc IIH  09:40AM-10:30AM  AEB 306  LAB  FITZGERALD, C. E.
1321-003Accel Eng Calc IIH  10:45AM-11:35AM  AEB 306  LAB  FITZGERALD, C. E.
2015-001Algebraic ReasoningMWF  10:45AM-12:05PM  LCB 323  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
2090-001Sec Math for Elem TchrTH  07:30AM-08:50AM  LCB 121  ACT  CANGELOSI, A. R.
Meets with: MATH 4090-001
2200-001Discrete MathematicsMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 120  LEC  SCHWEDE, K. E.
2200-002Discrete MathematicsTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  AEB 340  LEC  LEE, Y.
2210-001Calculus IIIMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  LCB 225  LEC  MANDEL, T. G.
2210-002Calculus IIIMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 140  LEC  HECHT, H.
2210-003Calculus IIIMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JFB 102  LEC  GOLDEN, K. M.
2210-004Calculus IIIMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  CSC 208  LEC  WORTMAN, K.
2210-005Calculus IIITH  06:00PM-07:30PM  WEB L112  LEC  SMALE, N.
2210-006Calculus IIIMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB 102  LEC  GOLDEN, K. M.
2210-090Calculus III    TBA  LEC  CECIL, M.
2250-001Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMTWF  07:30AM-08:20AM  CSC 208  LEC  WILLIS, N. S.
2250-002Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  07:30AM-08:20AM  JTB 140  LAB  LIU, J.
2250-003Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 140  LAB  LIU, J.
2250-004Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  WEB L105  LEC  KOREVAAR, N. J.
Also meets T    JWB 335      
2250-005Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 219  LAB  DAI, D.
2250-006Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  AEB 310  LAB  DAI, D.
2250-007Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  JWB 335  LEC  ZHU, J.
2250-008Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  WBB 207  LAB  DINH, H. B.
2250-009Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  02:00PM-02:50PM  WBB 207  LAB  DINH, H. B.
2250-010Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  WEB 1230  LEC  CAHILL, N.
2250-011Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  AEB 310  LAB  ZHU, Z.
2250-012Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 323  LAB  ZHU, Z.
2250-015Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  JWB 308  LAB  YANEZETCHEBERRY, J.
2250-016Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 308  LAB  YANEZETCHEBERRY, J.
2270-001Linear AlgebraMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 110  LEC  TANG, S.
2270-002Linear AlgebraMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  JFB B-1  LEC  GUSTAFSON, G. B.
2270-004Linear AlgebraMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  WEB L110  LEC  KOREVAAR, N. J.
Also meets T    WEB L102      
2270-005Linear AlgebraMW  04:35PM-06:30PM  AEB 310  LEC  CARVAJAL ROJAS, J. A.
2280-001Intro De'sMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  LCB 215  LEC  CARROLL, S. R.
Also meets T  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 120      
2280-002Intro De'sMTWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 219  LEC  GUSTAFSON, G. B.
3000-001Undergr ColloquiumW  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 225  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
3010-001Topics-Hist Of MathMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  CSC 10-12  TPC  TREIBERGS, A.
3070-001Applied Statistics IMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 219  LEC  MILLER, C. G.
3070-002Applied Statistics IH  08:35AM-10:05AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3170-001
3070-003Applied Statistics IH  10:05AM-11:35AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
3070-004Applied Statistics IH  11:35AM-01:05PM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
3080-001Applied Statistics IIMW  10:45AM-11:35AM  AEB 350  LEC  JOHNSON, T.
3080-002Applied Statistics IIH  03:40PM-05:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  ZHU, H.
Meets with: MATH 3180-001
3080-003Applied Statistics IIH  02:00PM-03:20PM  LCB 115  LAB  ZHU, H.
3140-001Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEMTWF  07:30AM-08:20AM  JWB 335  LEC  ZAVITZ, D. R.
3140-002Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEH  07:30AM-08:20AM  JTB 120  LAB  MADRID, J. B.
3140-003Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 120  LAB  MADRID, J. B.
3140-004Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEMWHF  10:45AM-11:35AM  WEB 1230  LEC  BROOKS, H. A.
3140-005Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDET  12:55PM-01:45PM  WBB 207  LAB  REEB, T. H.
3140-006Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDET  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 222  LAB  REEB, T. H.
3150-001PDE's For EngineersMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  WEB L110  LEC  MATTEI, O.
3150-002PDE's For EngineersTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  AEB 320  LEC  KRAITZMAN, N.
3150-003PDE's For EngineersMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  WEB 2250  LEC  BALK, A. M.
3150-004PDE's For EngineersMW  06:00PM-07:20PM  WEB 1450  LEC  NARAYAN, A.
3160-001Appl Compl VarTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  AEB 320  LEC  CHERKAEV, A. V.
3170-001R Lab IH  08:35AM-10:05AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3070-002
3180-001R Lab IIH  03:40PM-05:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  ZHU, H.
Meets with: MATH 3080-002
3210-001Fndns Of Analysis IMWHF  09:40AM-10:30AM  WBB 617  LEC  LIM, B. C.
3210-002Fndns Of Analysis IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  AEB 360  LEC  BROMBERG, K.
Also meets T    AEB 306      
3210-003Fndns Of Analysis IMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  JTB 110  LEC  BOOCHER, A. L.
3220-001Fndns Of Analysis IIMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 219  LEC  TUCKER, D. H.
Also meets T    LCB 215      
3220-002Fndns Of Analysis IIMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 225  LEC  TREIBERGS, A.
3220-003Fndns Of Analysis IIMWF  04:35PM-05:55PM  LCB 225  LEC  MILICIC, D.
4010-001Math Elem Sch Tchrs IMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  LCB 121  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
4010-002Math Elem Sch Tchrs IW  03:00PM-03:50PM  LCB 121  LAB  FRANCOM, R.
4020-001Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIMWF  11:50AM-01:10PM  LCB 121  LEC  CANGELOSI, A. R.
4020-002Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIW  01:25PM-02:15PM  AEB 360  LAB  FRANCOM, R.
4020-003Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIMW  04:35PM-06:30PM  LCB 121  LEC  CANGELOSI, A. R.
4020-004Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIF  04:35PM-05:25PM  LCB 121  LAB  FRANCOM, R.
4090-001Tchg Math Sec SchlTH  07:30AM-08:50AM  LCB 121  LEC  CANGELOSI, A. R.
Meets with: MATH 2090-001
4095-001Teaching Practicum  Second  TBA  PRA  CANGELOSI, A. R.
4100-001Intro to Data ScienceTH  10:45AM-12:05PM  WEB 2250  LEC  OSTING, B. R.
Meets with: COMP 5360-001
4600-001Mathematics in MedicineTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LCB 215  LEC  HANDY, G.
4600-002Mathematics in MedicineF  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 115  LAB  FEDAK, E. A.
4800-001Undergrad Res MathMW  04:35PM-05:55PM  AEB 360  SEM  BORISYUK, A. R.
5010-001Intro To ProbabilityMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  M LI 1130  LEC  SAINATH, J.
Meets with: MATH 6805-001
5010-002Intro To ProbabilityMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 215  LEC  JANJIGIAN, C.
Meets with: MATH 6805-002
5030-001Actuarial MathMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  JTB 110  LEC  SAINATH, J.
5050-001Stoch Proc, Simultn IIMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 333  LEC  HUANG, J.
Meets with: MATH 6815-001
5075-001Time Series AnalTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 215  LEC  ALBERTS, T. K.
5080-001Stat'l Inference ITH  05:30PM-07:00PM  TBA .  LEC  REEDER, R. W.
Meets with: MATH 6824-001
5090-002Stat'l Inference IIMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 225  LEC  HORVATH, L.
Meets with: MATH 6828-002
5210-001Intro Real AnalysisMTWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  LCB 219  LEC  BROOKS, R. M.
5320-001Intro To Mod Alg IIMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  JWB 208  LEC  HONIGS, K. M.
5405-001Cryptography and CodesTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LCB 222  LEC  SINGH, A.
5470-001Chaos TheoryTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LS 101  LEC  CHERKAEV, E. A.
Meets with: MATH 6440-001
5500-001Calculus of VariationsMW  11:50AM-01:10PM  LS 102  LEC  CHERKAEV, A. V.
Meets with: MATH 6880-001
5520-001Intro to Topology IIMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 215  LEC  BROMBERG, K.
5620-001Intro Num Analysis IIMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 222  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
Meets with: MATH 6865-001
5700-001Math Capstone CourseW  04:35PM-07:35PM  JWB 308  LEC  CUMMINGS, M.
5750-001RprtnTheory Tchnq in Qntm PhysTH  10:45AM-12:05PM  CSC 108  TPC  MACQUARIE ROMANOV, A. E.
5750-002Inverse ProblemsMW  01:25PM-02:45PM  WBB 517  TPC  MILTON, G. W.
Meets with: MATH 6880-002
5750-003Game TheoryTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  AEB 350  TPC  CHOI, S. C.
Meets with: MATH 6880-003
5765-001Intro Math Finance IIMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  FASB 101  LEC  ZHU, J.
Meets with: MATH 6895-001
6020-001Multilinear ModelsMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  HEB 2002  LEC  ALBERTS, T. K.
6070-001Mathematical StatisticsTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  NS 202  LEC  RASSOUL-AGHA, F.
6180-001Topicsin Cmplx GeomMW  03:00PM-04:20PM  JWB 333  LEC  BERTRAM, A. J.
6220-001Complex AnalysisMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  LCB 323  LEC  CHAIKA, J. M.
6260-001Representation TheoryMWF  12:55PM-01:55PM  LCB 323  LEC  MILICIC, D.
6320-001Modern Algebra IITH  02:00PM-03:20PM  JTB 110  LEC  SINGH, A.
6370-001Number TheoryMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 208  TPC  SAVIN, G.
6420-001Partl Diffl EqnsMW  01:25PM-02:45PM  JWB 308  LEC  BRESSLOFF, P.
6440-001Adv Dynamical SystsTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LS 101  LEC  CHERKAEV, E. A.
Meets with: MATH 5470-001
6520-001Intro Alg TopologyMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 120  LEC  PATRIKIS, S.
6620-001Analysis Num Mthds IITH  10:45AM-12:05PM  JWB 333  LEC  FOGELSON, A. L.
6630-001Num Solns PdesMW  11:50AM-01:10PM  ST 214  LEC  EPSHTEYN, Y. Y.
6720-001Appl CV, Asymptc MthdsMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  FASB 250  LEC  BALK, A. M.
6780-001Mathematical Biol IITH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LCB 121  LEC  KEENER, J. P.
6805-001Intro to ProbabilityMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  M LI 1130  LEC  SAINATH, J.
Meets with: MATH 5010-001
6805-002Intro to ProbabilityMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 215  LEC  JANJIGIAN, C.
Meets with: MATH 5010-002
6815-001Stoch Proc, Simultn IIMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 333  LEC  HUANG, J.
Meets with: MATH 5050-001
6824-001Stats Inference ITH  05:30PM-07:00PM  TBA .  TPC  REEDER, R. W.
Meets with: MATH 5080-001
6828-002Stats Inference IIMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 225  TPC  HORVATH, L.
Meets with: MATH 5090-002
6865-001Intro Num Anal IIMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 222  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
Meets with: MATH 5620-001
6880-001Calculus of VariationsMW  11:50AM-01:10PM  LS 102  TPC  CHERKAEV, A. V.
Meets with: MATH 5500-001
6880-002Inverse ProblemsMW  01:25PM-02:45PM  WBB 517  TPC  MILTON, G. W.
Meets with: MATH 5750-002
6880-003Game TheoryTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  AEB 350  TPC  CHOI, S. C.
Meets with: MATH 5750-003
6880-004Fluid MechanicsTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  LCB 121  TPC  FOGELSON, A. L.
6895-001Intro Math Finance IIMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  FASB 101  LEC  ZHU, J.
Meets with: MATH 5765-001
6910-014Supervised Reading    TBA  IND  SCHWEDE, K. E.
6950-001Topics Alg TopologyMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  NS 202  TPC  WORTMAN, K.
6960-001GSAC ColloquiumT  04:35PM-05:35PM  JWB 335  TPC  CHERKAEV, E. A.
6970-001Thesis Research-Masters    TBA  RES  BROMBERG, K.
7830-001Topics- Comm AlgebraTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LCB 121  TPC  MA, L.
7835-001Sem-Algebra    TBA  SEM  SINGH, A.
7853-001Topics-Geom TopologyMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JFB B-1  TPC  CHAIKA, J. M.
7880-001Topics-ProbabilityTH  10:45AM-12:05PM  JWB 240  TPC  RASSOUL-AGHA, F.
7880-002Topics-ProbabilityTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  WEB 2470  TPC  LAWLEY, S. D.

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