Mathematics Courses Fall 2016

NOTE: The following course information is subject to change without notice, please see the official University of Utah Class Schedule for up to date course offerings, meeting days, times, rooms and instructors.

Section  Course  Days  Time  Room  Instructor
0010-001Intermediate Algebra Review  M  15:00-19:00  LCB 215  Thomas Brennan 
Also meets F  15:00-17:00  LCB 215  Thomas Brennan 
Also meets TWH  16:00-19:00  LCB 215  Thomas Brennan 
0012-001Calculus I Review  MTWH  16:00-18:00  JFB B-1  Michael VanOpstall 
0013-001Calculus II or Bridge to Engineering Cal.  MTWH  18:30-20:30  BEH S 108  Todd Reeb 
0015-001Precalculus Review  M  15:00-19:00  LCB 225  Samuel Richard Carroll 
Also meets F  15:00-17:00  LCB 225  Samuel Richard Carroll 
Also meets TWH  16:00-19:00  LCB 225  Samuel Richard Carroll 
1010-001Intermediate Algebra  MTWF  07:30-08:20  JFB 103  Sean McAfee 
1010-004Intermediate Algebra  H  07:30-08:20  LCB 215  Rojin Karimanfard 
1010-005Intermediate Algebra  H  08:35-09:25  LCB 219  Rojin Karimanfard 
1010-006Intermediate Algebra  MTH  16:35-17:55  JFB 103  Ben Fogelson 
1010-007Intermediate Algebra  W  16:35-17:25  LCB 219  Saren Winter 
1010-008Intermediate Algebra  W  18:00-18:50  JFB 102  Saren Winter 
1010-009Intermediate Algebra  W  16:35-17:25  JWB 333  Lisa Penfold 
1010-010Intermediate Algebra  W  18:00-18:50  JWB 333  Lisa Penfold 
1010-011Intermediate Algebra  MTWF  11:50-12:40  JFB 103  Anna Schoening 
1010-012Intermediate Algebra  H  10:45-11:35  JFB B-1  Weston Barton 
1010-014Intermediate Algebra  H  11:50-12:40  LCB 222  Weston Barton 
1010-015Intermediate Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  LCB 225  Weston Barton 
1010-016Intermediate Algebra  H  11:50-12:40  JWB 335  Gray Marchese 
1010-017Intermediate Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  JWB 335  Gray Marchese 
1010-021Intermediate Algebra  MW  18:30-20:30  BOUNTIFUL 303  Aurora Domsa Jensen 
1010-030Intermediate Algebra  MTWF  12:55-13:45  JWB 335  Rebecca Noonan-Heale 
1010-031Intermediate Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  JFB B-1  Keary Nielsen 
1010-032Intermediate Algebra  H  14:00-14:50  JFB B-1  Keary Nielsen 
1010-033Intermediate Algebra  MWF  13:25-14:45  JTB 310  Anna Schoening 
1010-034Intermediate Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  JFB 101  Randy Jones 
1010-036Intermediate Algebra  W  15:05-15:55  LCB 215  Randy Jones 
1010-037Intermediate Algebra  W  16:10-17:00  LCB 215  Randy Jones 
1010-038Intermediate Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  LCB 219  Brady Wyllie 
1010-039Intermediate Algebra  H  14:00-14:50  LCB 219  Brady Wyllie 
1010-040Intermediate Algebra  MTWF  08:35-09:25  WEB L110  Predrag Krtolica 
1010-041Intermediate Algebra  H  09:40-10:30  JFB 103  Katherine Young 
1010-042Intermediate Algebra  H  08:35-09:25  JFB 103  Katherine Young 
1010-043Intermediate Algebra  MTWF  09:40-10:30  JTB 120  Shiang Tang 
1010-044Intermediate Algebra  H  08:35-09:25  JWB 333  Nick Yonkee 
1010-045Intermediate Algebra  MTWF  09:40-10:30  JTB 120  Shiang Tang 
1010-046Intermediate Algebra  H  09:40-10:30  JWB 333  Nick Yonkee 
1010-051Intermediate Algebra  H  11:50-12:40  AEB 350  Cameron Hendrick 
1010-052Intermediate Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  AEB 350  Cameron Hendrick 
1010-070Intermediate Algebra  TH  19:15-21:15  SANDY 106  Thomas Brennan 
1010-071Intermediate Algebra  MW  17:30-19:25  SANDY 204  John Nordstrom 
1010-090Intermediate Algebra  TBA  TBA  TBA  Patrick Murphy 
1030-001Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  MWF  09:40-10:30  JFB 102  Aleksandra Jovanovic-Hacon 
1030-002Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  MWF  08:35-09:25  JFB B-1  Hannah Hoganson 
1030-003Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  MWF  14:00-14:50  AEB 350  Huachen Chen 
1030-005Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  TH  15:40-17:00  BEH S 114  Joaquin Moraga 
1030-006Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  TH  10:45-12:05  ST 205  Daniel Zavitz 
1030-070Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  S  09:00-12:00  SANDY 108  Sarah Hoggan 
1030-090Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning  TBA  TBA  TBA  Predrag Krtolica 
1040-002Introduction to Statistics and Probability  MWF  10:45-11:35  JFB 102  Aleksandra Jovanovic-Hacon 
1050-001College Algebra  MWF  09:40-10:30  WEB L104  Margarita Cummings 
Also meets H  09:40-10:30  HEB 2008  Margarita Cummings 
1050-002College Algebra  MWF  08:05-09:25  WEB L101  Margarita Cummings 
1050-004College Algebra  MTWF  12:55-13:45  HEB 2004  Pinches Dirnfeld 
1050-005College Algebra  TH  18:00-20:00  JFB 103  Kyle Gaffney 
1050-006College Algebra  MWF  15:00-16:20  M LI 1130  Dawei Wang 
1050-007College Algebra  MWF  11:50-13:10  M LI 1130  Anna Nelson 
1050-021College Algebra  S  08:15-11:45  BOUNTIFUL 102  Jason Underdown 
1050-070College Algebra  TH  18:00-20:00  SANDY 204  Sarah Hoggan 
1050-090College Algebra  TBA  TBA  TBA  James Edward Gossell 
1060-001Trigonometry  MWF  10:45-11:35  WEB 1250  Margarita Cummings 
1060-002Trigonometry  TH  18:00-19:20  JTB 130  Marin Petkovic 
1060-003Trigonometry  MWF  11:50-12:40  LCB 215  Samantha Hill 
1060-004Trigonometry  MWF  09:40-10:30  JFB 101  Kiersten Utsey 
1060-006Trigonometry  TH  09:10-10:30  BU C 210  Andrew Watson 
1060-090Trigonometry  TBA  TBA  TBA  Rebecca Noonan-Heale 
1070-001Introduction to Statistical Inference  MWF  08:35-09:25  JTB 310  Sung Chan Choi 
1070-002Introduction to Statistical Inference  TH  18:00-19:30  JTB 140  Nicholas Stephenson 
1070-003Introduction to Statistical Inference  MWF  14:00-14:50  JWB 335  Daniel Smolkin 
1070-004Introduction to Statistical Inference  TH  14:00-15:20  ST 104  Tyler Johnson 
1070-005Introduction to Statistical Inference  MWF  09:40-10:30  NS 203  Hanlei Zhu 
1070-020Introduction to Statistical Inference  W  17:00-20:00  BOUNTIFUL 304  Elizabeth Malloy 
1070-070Introduction to Statistical Inference  M  18:00-21:00  SANDY 110  Thomas Brennan 
1070-071Introduction to Statistical Inference  TH  11:30-13:00  SANDY 108  Elizabeth Malloy 
1080-001Precalculus  MTWF  11:50-12:40  JFB 102  Tiankai Liu 
Also meets H  11:50-12:40  JFB 103  Tiankai Liu 
1080-002Precalculus  MTWHF  08:35-09:25  JFB 102  Loren Santana 
1080-003Precalculus  MTWHF  07:30-08:20  LCB 219  Gaoyang Fan 
1080-004Precalculus  MTWHF  09:40-10:30  SW 133  Anna Schoening 
1080-070Precalculus  MWH  17:30-19:30  SANDY 205  Thomas Manning 
1090-001Business Algebra  TH  12:25-13:45  LCB 215  Huy Dinh 
1090-002Business Algebra  MWF  08:35-09:25  WEB 2230  Shelby Kilmer 
1090-003Business Algebra  MWF  09:40-10:30  LCB 225  Sung Chan Choi 
1090-005Business Algebra  MWF  10:45-11:35  BU C 305  Matthew Smith 
1090-006Business Algebra  TH  10:45-12:05  BU C 303  Christian Klevdal 
1090-007Business Algebra  MWF  12:55-13:45  MBH 112  Dapeng Mu 
1090-008Business Algebra  TH  18:00-19:30  LCB 225  Laura Strube 
1100-001Business Calculus  MWF  10:45-11:35  SW 133  Allechar Serrano Lopez 
1100-002Business Calculus  MWF  09:40-10:30  AEB 310  Matteo Altavilla 
1100-003Business Calculus  TH  18:00-19:30  LCB 215  Sabine Lang 
1170-001Calculus for Biologists I  MWF  09:40-10:30  JFB B-1  Frederick Adler 
1170-002Calculus for Biologists I  T  08:35-09:25  LCB 115  Christopher Edward Miles 
1170-003Calculus for Biologists I  T  09:40-10:30  LCB 115  Christopher Edward Miles 
1210-001Calculus I  MWF  08:05-09:25  WEB L112  Bin Xu 
1210-002Calculus I  MTWF  09:40-10:30  JWB 335  Adam Gregg Brown 
1210-003Calculus I  MWF  10:45-11:35  JTB 140  Kelly MacArthur 
Also meets T  10:45-11:35  JWB 335  Kelly MacArthur 
1210-004Calculus I  MTWF  11:50-12:40  JWB 335  Stefano Filipazzi 
1210-005Calculus I  MTWF  12:55-13:45  JFB 102  Javier Carvajal-Rojas 
1210-006Calculus I  MWF  14:00-15:20  AEB 320  Matthew Cecil 
1210-007Calculus I  MWF  11:50-13:10  AEB 320  Iuliia Inozemtseva 
1210-008Calculus I  TH  18:00-20:00  LCB 219  David Ray Barton 
1210-020Calculus I  MW  18:00-20:00  BOUNTIFUL 306  Christopher L Stone 
1210-090Calculus I  TBA  TBA  TBA  Elizabeth Fedak 
1220-001Calculus II  MWF  13:25-14:45  WBB 617  Chung Ching Lau 
1220-002Calculus II  MWF  08:05-09:25  WEB L122  Janina Letz 
1220-003Calculus II  MTWF  09:40-10:30  JFB 103  Kelly MacArthur 
1220-004Calculus II  MTWF  10:45-11:35  AEB 350  Leif Zinn-Bjorkman 
1220-005Calculus II  MTWF  11:50-12:40  WEB L110  Shiu-Tang Li 
1220-006Calculus II  TH  18:00-20:00  JFB B-1  Akil Narayan 
1220-070Calculus II  MW  18:00-19:45  SANDY 105  Chris Sheffield 
1220-090Calculus II  TBA  TBA  TBA  Christian Sampson 
1250-001Calculus for AP Students I  MTWF  10:45-11:35  AEB 340  Ioannis Konstantoulas 
1260-001Calculus for AP Students II  MWF  09:40-10:30  WEB L122  Henryk Hecht 
Also meets T  09:40-10:30  LCB 215  Henryk Hecht 
1310-001Engineering Calculus I  MTWF  09:40-10:30  WBB 207  Bhargav Karamched 
1310-002Engineering Calculus I  H  09:40-10:30  JWB 208  Nathan Willis 
1310-003Engineering Calculus I  H  08:35-09:25  JWB 208  Nathan Willis 
1310-004Engineering Calculus I  MTWF  10:45-11:35  HEB 2004  Jingyi Zhu 
1310-005Engineering Calculus I  H  10:45-11:35  LCB 215  Elizabeth Winkelman 
1310-006Engineering Calculus I  H  09:40-10:30  LCB 215  Elizabeth Winkelman 
1310-007Engineering Calculus I  H  10:45-11:35  NS 204  Xuesong Bai 
1310-008Engineering Calculus I  H  08:35-09:25  JWB 308  Xuesong Bai 
1310-009Engineering Calculus I  MTWF  07:30-08:20  LCB 215  Christel Hohenegger 
1310-010Engineering Calculus I  H  08:35-09:25  WBB 207  Yen-An Chen 
1310-011Engineering Calculus I  H  07:30-08:20  WBB 207  Yen-An Chen 
1310-012Engineering Calculus I  MTWF  08:35-09:25  WBB 207  Christel Hohenegger 
1310-013Engineering Calculus I  H  07:30-08:20  AEB 306  Kristen Lee 
1310-014Engineering Calculus I  H  08:35-09:25  AEB 306  Kristen Lee 
1311-001Accelerated Engineering Calculus I  MWF  08:05-09:25  LCB 225  Yekaterina Epshteyn 
1311-002Accelerated Engineering Calculus I  H  08:35-09:25  LS 107  Matthew Goroff 
1311-003Accelerated Engineering Calculus I  H  07:30-08:20  LS 102  Matthew Goroff 
1311-004Accelerated Engineering Calculus I  MWF  10:45-11:35  AEB 320  Rebecca Terry 
Also meets T  10:45-11:35  NS 204  Rebecca Terry 
1311-005Accelerated Engineering Calculus I  H  10:45-11:35  LS 107  China Mauck 
1311-006Accelerated Engineering Calculus I  H  11:50-12:40  LS 107  China Mauck 
1320-001Engineering Calculus II  MTWF  08:35-09:25  ST 205  Peter Alfeld 
1320-002Engineering Calculus II  H  07:30-08:20  LCB 225  Weicong Su 
1320-003Engineering Calculus II  H  08:35-09:25  LCB 225  Weicong Su 
1320-004Engineering Calculus II  F  10:45-11:35  SW 134  Peter Alfeld 
Also meets MTW  10:45-11:35  SW 137  Peter Alfeld 
1320-005Engineering Calculus II  H  09:40-10:30  LCB 323  George Domat 
1320-006Engineering Calculus II  H  10:45-11:35  JTB 320  George Domat 
1321-001Accelerated Engineering Calculus II  MWF  10:45-11:35  BU C 210  Fernando Guevara Vasquez 
Also meets T  10:45-11:35  JFB 102  Fernando Guevara Vasquez 
1321-002Accelerated Engineering Calculus II  H  09:40-10:30  JTB 110  Cheehan Tan 
1321-003Accelerated Engineering Calculus II  H  10:45-11:35  LCB 222  Cheehan Tan 
2200-001Introduction to Discrete Mathematics  TH  12:25-13:45  LS 102  Ioannis Konstantoulas 
2200-002Introduction to Discrete Mathematics  MWF  08:35-09:25  LCB 215  Linquan Ma 
2210-001Calculus III  MWF  09:40-10:30  JTB 130  Marcus Robinson 
2210-002Calculus III  MWF  10:45-11:35  JWB 335  Jie Ma 
2210-003Calculus III  MW  18:00-19:30  LCB 219  Nathan Smale 
2210-004Calculus III  MWF  11:50-12:40  AEB 350  Chuanhao Wei 
2210-005Calculus III  MWF  14:00-14:50  WEB L110  Andrew Timothy Kassen 
2210-090Calculus III  TBA  TBA  TBA  Matthew Cecil 
2250-001Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  MTWF  07:30-08:20  JWB 335  Varun Shankar 
2250-002Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  07:30-08:20  JTB 320  Conor Tillinghast 
2250-003Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  08:35-09:25  JTB 110  Conor Tillinghast 
2250-004Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  MWF  08:35-09:25  JWB 335  Nicholas Korevaar 
Also meets T  08:35-09:25  JFB 103  Nicholas Korevaar 
2250-005Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  08:35-09:25  JTB 120  Patrick Webb 
2250-006Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  09:40-10:30  JTB 120  Patrick Webb 
2250-007Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  07:30-08:20  LCB 222  Qing Xia 
2250-008Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  08:35-09:25  LCB 215  Qing Xia 
2250-010Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  MWF  10:45-11:35  WEB L102  Gregory Handy 
Also meets T  10:45-11:35  WEB 2230  Gregory Handy 
2250-011Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  09:40-10:30  WBB 207  Hyunjoong Kim 
2250-012Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  10:45-11:35  WBB 207  Kyle Steffen 
2250-013Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  MWF  11:50-13:10  JTB 140  Hallie Elich 
2250-014Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  11:50-12:40  LCB 225  Dihan Dai 
2250-015Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  JWB 208  Dihan Dai 
2250-016Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  MWF  13:25-14:45  LCB 219  Samuel Richard Carroll 
2250-017Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  12:55-13:45  ST 214  Sergazy Nurbavliyev 
2250-018Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  H  14:00-14:50  ST 214  Sergazy Nurbavliyev 
2270-001Linear Algebra  MWF  09:40-10:30  LCB 219  Gordan Savin 
Also meets T  09:40-10:40  JFB 102  Gordan Savin 
2270-002Linear Algebra  MWF  12:55-13:45  ST 208  Yu-Chao Tu 
Also meets T  12:55-13:45  LCB 225  Yu-Chao Tu 
2270-003Linear Algebra  MWF  16:35-17:50  JWB 308  Srikanth Iyengar 
2270-004Linear Algebra  MTWF  18:00-18:50  LCB 222  Jason Underdown 
2280-001Introduction to Differential Equations  MWF  08:05-09:25  AEB 350  Donald Robertson 
Also meets T  08:35-09:25  LCB 225  Donald Robertson 
3000-001Undergraduate Colloquium  W  12:55-13:45  LCB 225  Andrejs Treibergs 
3010-001Topics in the History of Mathematics  TH  14:00-15:20  JTB 110  Henryk Hecht 
3070-001Applied Statistics I  MWF  09:40-10:30  WEB 2250  Jyothsna Sainath 
3070-002Applied Statistics I  H  07:30-08:50  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3070-003Applied Statistics I  H  09:10-10:30  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3070-004Applied Statistics I  TH  19:15-20:45  JTB 310  Jennifer Rose Kenkel 
3070-005Applied Statistics I  H  17:30-19:00  LCB 115  Curtis Miller 
3070-006Applied Statistics I  H  15:40-17:00  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3070-007Applied Statistics I  H  15:40-17:00  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3100-001Foundations of Geometry  TH  15:00-16:20  LCB 121  Michael VanOpstall 
3140-001Vector Calculus and Part Diff Eqtns for Engin  MTWF  07:30-08:20  JFB 102  William Nesse 
3140-002Vector Calculus and Part Diff Eqtns for Engin  H  07:30-08:20  JWB 333  Lifeng Han 
3140-003Vector Calculus and Part Diff Eqtns for Engin  H  08:35-09:25  LCB 323  Lifeng Han 
3150-001Partial Differential Equations for Engineering Students  MWF  11:50-12:40  LCB 219  Noa Kraitzman 
3150-002Partial Differential Equations for Engineering Students  MWF  08:35-09:25  WEB L114  Heather Brooks 
3150-003Partial Differential Equations for Engineering Students  TH  18:00-19:20  JWB 335  Owen Lewis 
3160-001Applied Complex Variables  TH  12:25-13:45  BU C 211  Anurag Singh 
3170-002R Lab I  H  07:30-08:50  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3170-003R Lab I  H  09:10-10:30  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3170-005R Lab I  H  17:30-19:00  LCB 115  Curtis Miller 
3170-006R Lab I  H  15:40-17:00  LCB 115  Siben Li 
3210-001Foundations of Analysis I  MWF  08:05-09:25  ST 208  Travis Mandel 
3210-003Foundations of Analysis I  MTWF  10:45-11:35  WBB 207  Tommaso De Fernex 
3210-004Foundations of Analysis I  MWF  16:35-17:55  JWB 208  Aaron Bertram 
3220-001Foundations of Analysis II  MTWF  08:35-09:25  LCB 219  Don Tucker 
3220-002Foundations of Analysis II  MTWF  08:35-09:25  LCB 323  Robert Brooks 
3900-001Topics in Mathematics  MW  15:05-15:55  WEB L114  Braxton Osting 
3900-002Topics in Mathematics  F  15:05-15:55  WEB L114  Braxton Osting 
4010-001Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I  MWF  13:25-14:45  LCB 121  Michael VanOpstall 
4010-002Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I  MW  16:35-18:35  LCB 121  Michael VanOpstall 
4020-001Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II  TH  16:35-18:30  LCB 121  Udita Gupta 
4030-001Foundations of Algebra  MW  15:00-16:20  LCB 121  Adam Lee Boocher 
4190-001Math Tchng Internship  F  15:30-16:30  JWB 208  Margarita Cummings 
4200-001Introduction to Complex Variables  MWF  11:50-12:40  ST 215  Srikanth Iyengar 
4400-001Introduction to Number Theory  MWF  10:45-11:35  ST 208  Christopher Hacon 
4800-001Undergraduate Research in Mathematics  MW  13:25-14:45  AEB 306  Thomas Alberts 
4910-001Internship in Mathematics  TBA  TBA  TBA  Angie Gardiner 
4999-001Honors Thesis/Project  TBA  TBA  TBA  Alla Borisyuk 
5000-001Undergraduate Problem Seminar  H  10:45-11:35  LCB 218  STAFF 
5010-001Introduction to Probability  MWF  09:40-10:30  LCB 215  Davar Khoshnevisan 
5010-002Introduction to Probability  TH  18:00-19:30  JTB 110  Jingyu Huang 
5040-001Stochastic Processes and Simulation I  MWF  11:50-12:40  LCB 225  Arjun Krishnan 
5075-001Time Series Analysis  MWF  14:00-14:50  JTB 110  Lajos Horvath 
5080-001Statistical Inference I  MWF  10:45-11:35  LCB 219  Lajos Horvath 
5080-002Statistical Inference I  MW  18:00-19:30  LCB 225  Thomas Alberts 
5090-001Statistical Inference II  MW  17:30-19:00  WILLIAMS B 223  Ron Reeder 
5110-001Mathematical Biology I  TH  09:10-10:30  AEB 360  Sean Lawley 
5310-001Introduction to Modern Algebra I  MWF  12:55-13:45  LCB 222  Gordan Savin 
5410-001Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations  MTWF  14:00-14:50  LS 101  Jingyi Zhu 
5440-001Introduction to Partial Differential Equations  MWF  10:45-11:35  LCB 222  Andrejs Treibergs 
5510-001Introduction to Algebraic and Geometric Topology I  MWF  10:45-11:35  JWB 333  Domingo Toledo 
5610-001Introduction to Numerical Analysis I  H  10:45-11:35  AEB 350  Aaron Fogelson 
Also meets MTW  10:45-11:35  LCB 215  Aaron Fogelson 
5710-001Introduction to Applied Mathematics I  MWF  11:50-12:40  JTB 320  Elena Cherkaev 
5740-001Mathematical Modeling  W  16:35-19:05  WBB 617  Alla Borisyuk 
5760-001Introduction to Mathematical Finance I  TH  09:10-10:30  LCB 121  Fernando Guevara Vasquez 
5770-001Introduction to Optimization  TH  09:10-10:30  JTB 320  Andrej Cherkaev 
6010-001Linear Models  MWF  12:55-13:45  JWB 333  Davar Khoshnevisan 
6040-001Mathematical Probability  TH  09:10-10:30  JWB 240  Firas Rassoul-Agha 
6130-001Introduction to Algebraic Geometry I  MWF  11:50-12:40  WEB L120  Aaron Bertram 
6210-001Real Analysis  MWF  14:00-14:50  AEB 360  Jonathan Chaika 
6240-001Lie Groups/Lie Algebras I  MWF  14:00-14:50  JWB 208  Dragan Milicic 
6310-001Modern Algebra I  MWF  12:55-13:45  JTB 110  Anurag Singh 
6370-001Algebraic Number Theory  TH  12:25-13:45  JWB 308  Stefan Patrikis 
6410-001Ordinary Differential Equations  MWF  14:00-14:50  JWB 308  Andrejs Treibergs 
6510-001Differentiable Manifolds  MWF  10:45-11:35  JTB 120  Kevin Wortman 
6610-001Analysis of Numerical Methods I  MWF  11:50-12:40  JTB 120  Yekaterina Epshteyn 
6640-001Introduction to Optimization  TH  09:10-10:30  JTB 320  Andrej Cherkaev 
6710-001Applied Linear Operator and Spectral Methods  MWF  12:55-13:45  ST 215  Braxton Osting 
6770-001Mathematical Biology I  TH  12:25-13:45  LCB 323  James Keener 
6805-001Introduction to Probability  MWF  09:40-10:30  LCB 215  Davar Khoshnevisan 
6805-002Introduction to Probability  TH  18:00-19:30  JTB 110  Jingyu Huang 
6810-001Stochastic Processes and Simulation I  MWF  11:50-12:40  LCB 225  Arjun Krishnan 
6824-001Statistical Inference I  MWF  10:45-11:35  LCB 219  Lajos Horvath 
6824-002Statistical Inference I  MW  18:00-19:30  LCB 225  Thomas Alberts 
6828-001Statistical Inference II  MW  17:30-19:00  WILLIAMS B 223  Ron Reeder 
6830-001Mathematical Biology I  TH  09:10-10:30  AEB 360  Sean Lawley 
6840-001Introduction to Ordinary Differential  MTWF  14:00-14:50  LS 101  Jingyi Zhu 
6850-001Introduction to Partial Differential Equations  MWF  10:45-11:35  LCB 222  Andrejs Treibergs 
6860-001Introduction to Numerical Analysis I  H  10:45-11:35  AEB 350  Aaron Fogelson 
Also meets MTW  10:45-11:35  LCB 215  Aaron Fogelson 
6880-001Topics in Applied Mathematics  MWF  11:50-12:40  JWB 208  Paul Bressloff 
6890-002Introduction to Mathematical Finance I  TH  09:10-10:30  LCB 121  Fernando Guevara Vasquez 
6960-001GSAC Colloquium  T  16:35-17:35  JWB 335  Karl Schwede 
6960-026Special Projects  M  15:05-15:55  LCB 215  STAFF 
7800-001Topics in Algebraic Geometry  TH  14:00-15:20  LCB 222  Tommaso De Fernex 
7853-001Topics in Geometric Topology  MWF  12:55-13:45  JWB 208  Kevin Wortman 
7875-009Journal Club  TBA  TBA  TBA  James Keener 

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