Weekly Mathematical Biology Seminar

Fall 2021 semester (usually) Wednesdays at 3:05pm, on Zoom or in LCB 323 -
Zoom link is https://utah.zoom.us/j/91662361676
Passcode: 373294

Date Speaker
Sept. 1 Welcome, Town Hall Meeting
September 8 Grad student summer lab reports,
TBA, Samantha, Patrick, Anil, plus others??
September 15 Greg Handy , University of Chicago
"Unveiling the role of inhibitory subtypes in cortical circuits with mathematical modeling: From frequency sweeps to gamma rhythms"
September 22 Alan Rogers and Stephen P. Wooding, University of Utah, Anthropology
"Expectation of the Site Frequency Spectrum"
September 29
Joint Seminar with UBC
Dhananjay Bhaskar, Yale University
Topological Data Analysis of Collective Behavior
October 6
Joint Seminar with UBC
Andrew Krause, Durham University
Footnotes to Turing (1952): Some Modern Challenges in Pattern Formation
October 13 Fall Break, no talk
October 20
October 27 Sarah Olson, WPI
"Dynamics of movement in complex environments "
November 1
Joint Seminar with Applied Math
Henry Fu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah
"Physical constraints on the propulsion of microrobots "
November 3 Jonathan Butner ,U of U, Dept of Psychology
Mapping Topography of Type 1 Diabetes
November 10


Christina Hamlet , Bucknell University
Making waves: Mathematical and computational modeling of anguilliform swimming implemented in an immersed boundary framework.
November 17 Kristen Kwan , Human Genetics, U of U
Cellular and Molecular Dynamics Shaping the Vertebrate Eye
November 24 Thanksgiving: no talk
December 1 Dean Tantin, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Transcriptional regulation of developmental lineage specification
December 8

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