Physiological Gels Research Group


Aaron L. Fogelson

Aaron L. Fogelson
Ph.D., New York University (1982)
Mathematical modeling of platelet aggregation

Christel Hohenegger

Christel Hohenegger
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (2006)
Low Reynolds Number Fluid Dynamics

James P. Keener

James P. Keener
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1972)
Mathematical modeling of Physiological Processes

Post Docs

Owen Lewis
Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Varun Shankar
Ph.D., School of Computing, University of Utah (2014)
"Radial Basis Function-Based Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Platelet Aggregation"

Graduate Students

Victor Camacho
Viscoelastic Fluids

Hallie Elich

Priscilla Elizondo

Lifeng Han

Andrew Kassen

Katie Link

Anna Nelson

Kyle Steffen

Andrew Watson


Cheryl Zapata-Allegro
Fibrin and Blood Clotting

Ross Magi

Tyler Skorsczewski
Ph.D., University of California at Davis (2010)

Brittany Bannish
Thesis: "Mathematical Models of Fibrinolysis" (2012)
Chair: Aaron Fogelson
Faculty: University of Central Oklahoma

Sarthok Sircar
Ph.D., University of South Carolina (2009)
"Dynamics and rheology of biaxial liquid crystals"

Lingxing Yao
Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Gels and Numerical Methods"

Wanda Strychalski
Ph.D., University of North Carolina (2009)

Jian Du
Ph.D., Stony Brook University (SUNY) (2007)
"Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Multiphase Flow"

Bob Guy

Bob Guy
Ph.D., University of Utah (2004)
Modeling Complex Fluids

Alla Borisyuk

Grady Wright
Ph.D., University of Colorado (2003)
Numerical Methods

Mark Zajac
Ph.D., Univeristy of Notre Dame (2002)
"Modeling Convergent Extension by way of Anisotropic Differential Adhesion"

Lindsay Crowl Erickson
Thesis: "Blood Flow Dynamics: a Lattice Boltzmann-Immersed Boundary Approach" (2 010)
Chair: Aaron L. Fogelson
Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore CA

Karin Leiderman
Computational and Experimental Biofluid Dynamics

Frank Lynch
Thesis: "Mathematical Modeling of the Gastric Mucus Gel" (2010)
Chair: James P. Keener
Occidental College

Viktoria R.T. Hsu
Ph.D., University of Washington (2004)
"Ion Transport through Biological Cell Membranes: From Electro-Diffusion to Hodg kin-Huxley via a Quasi Steady-State Approach"

Experimental Collaborators

A growing list of life science faculty members who interact with the Physiological Gels Group.

Michael Falvo

Michael Falvo
University of North Carolina
Fibrin Fiber Mechanics

Rahul Kuver

Rahul Kuver, M.D.
University of Washington School of Medicine
mucin synthesis and secretion

Keith Neeves

Keith Neeves
Colorado School of Mines
Blood Clotting

Toshi Nakagaki

Toshi Nakagaki
Hokaido University

Ewa Paluch

Ewa Paluch
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
Actin cortex mechanics and cell shape

Alisa Wolberg

Alisa Wolberg
University of North Carolina
Blood Clotting

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