Using MM

MM is a program for sending and readig electronic mail.



Starting mm

To start the mm mail program, do this:
   solitude% mm
Once inside mm, you will see this prompt:

Quitting mm

To quit MM, do this:

Sending mail

To send mail to gauss, do this:
   MM>send gauss
Then follow directions: Fill in the subject line, then press the return key. Write your message, then type control-d. You will see the prompt:
If you still think you want to send what you have written, press the return key again. You will see the message
   gauss... Queued
If you dont want to send your message, do tthis
If you want to send a copy of a message to someone, e.g., euclid@athens, do this:
   S>cc euclid@athens

Message headers

To see a list of your messages, do this
   MM>headers all
Some other things to try
   MM>headers since today
   MM>headers since 9/23/93
   MM>headers from fred

Reading messages

To read message 14:
   MM>read 14
If the message is long, you may have to tap the space bar to see successive screenfulls. At the end of the message you will see the prompt
Press the return key to go on. If perchance you want to delete the messge, do this:
If a message is too long you may not want to read it all. Do this:

Deleting messages

To delete message 14, do this:
   MM>delete 14
To delete messages 14 and 23:
   MM>delete 14, 23
To delete messages 14 through 23:
   MM>delete 14:23
To undelete message 14:
   MM>undelete 14

More information

Try MM's help command:
It gives other options which offer stil more help. You can also try
   solitude% man mm

Summary of commands


All mm commands have abbreviations, e.g.,
   h, s, r, d, u, q
   headers, send, read, delete, undelete,  quit

More advanced stuff

Forwarding messages

To forward a message to a another user, e.g., euclid@athens, try

   R>forward euclid@athens

Now everything is as if you were sending a message. If you write something, it appears above the original text. To complete the forwarding operation, type <control-d>. You do not have to write anything to forward a message unless you want to.