Undergraduate Research

Please visit the Mathematics Undergraduate Research page for department wide information about current research opportunities for undergraduate students (including when and how to apply for funding). Below is a snapshot of the undergraduate research being done within the MAC group.

COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is an annual international contest where teams of three undergraduate students use mathematical modeling to solve a real world problem. Teams have just 4 days to choose one of two posed problems, clarify and make necessary assumptions about the problem, develop and analyze a mathematical model, and compose their findings in a clear and coherent paper. A panel of judges then score the solution papers and prizes are awarded. In 2014, 6,755 teams representing institutions from 18 countries competed in the MCM.

The next contest will be held TBA.

The competition is an excellent opportunity to practice and demonstrate your mathematical skills. It’s a rewarding and fun, albeit intense, experience. It also is an impressive resume credential when applying for internships or graduate school. Below are some links to more information.

Informational meeting: TBA. Please contact Braxton Osting (osting AT math DOT utah DOT edu) for more information.

Math 4800 - Introduction to Research

These courses provide a research experience in a familiar course setting. There is usually one Applied Mathematics topic every academic year. Here is a list of topics involving the MAC group since the Fall 2012. The complete list is at the Math 4800 archive page.

Research Experience for Undegraduates (REUs)

Here is a list of undergraduates doing research within the MAC group (since Fall 2012).

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