Stochastic Processes and Complex Systems

Faculty involved

Paul C. Bressloff, Will Feldman, Ken Golden, Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Christel Hohenegger, Sean Lawley, Akil Narayan, Jingyi Zhu.

With applications to:

Other groups within the Mathematics department that do stochastic calculations are the Probability and Statistics group and the Mathematical Biology group

cyl2.png cyl1.png

Flow past a circular cylinder with a uniform inflow (left) and a non-uniform Gaussian random inflow (right). (from “Modeling uncertainty in flow simulations via generalized polynomial chaos”, D. Xiu, G. E. Karniadiakis).


Although the field above is random, it does have certain recognizable properties such as amplitude and size of fluctuations. Such random fields can be used to model fluctuations in e.g. material or physical properties (one example is small fluctuations of the speed of waves in the earth due to small inhomogeneities, such as pebbles).

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