Fluid Dynamics

Faculty involved

Alexander Balk, Yekaterina Epshteyn, Aaron Fogelson, Ken Golden, Christel Hohenegger, Jingyi Zhu.

Balance Argument 3 Density function

The rotating shallow water dynamics (on the beta-plane) has an extra invariant. The graphs above show the spectral density of the extra invariant versus the wave vector. (from “Angular distribution of Rossby wave energy” by A. M. Balk and “Rotating shallow water dynamics: Extra invariant and the formation of zonal jets” by A. M. Balk, F. van Heerden, and P. B. Weichman)

ken4 ken3

When a sufficiently strong electric field is applied to a suspension of plastic spheres in oil, they quickly form chains (above left) and then columns where the spheres are arranged in periodic lattice configurations. When the spheres are metal (above right) they form connected clusters with fractal structure (Courtesy of Ken Golden)

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