Fred Adler

Mathematical biology. Epidemiology. Cancer. Theoretical ecology.

Peter Alfeld

Numerical analysis. Approximation theory. Splines.

Alexander Balk

Fluid mechanics. Non-linear waves. Partial differential equations.

Paul C. Bressloff

Mathematical modeling and analysis of neural systems.

Andrej Cherkaev

Mechanics of deformable solids and structural optimization. Homogenization. Calculus of variations.

Elena Cherkaev

Inverse problems. Numerical methods. Optimization.

Yekaterina Epshteyn

Numerical Methods for PDEs. Scientific computing. Applied mathematics. Mathematical modeling with applications to Material Science and Biology.

William Feldman

Nonlinear PDE, calculus of variations, homogenization, free boundary problems.

Aaron Fogelson

Fluid dynamics of platelet aggregation and coagulation during hemostasis (normal blood clotting) and thrombosis (pathological blood clotting within blood vessels). Numerical analysis. Scientific computing.

Kenneth M. Golden

Fluid flow through sea ice. Remote sensing of sea ice. Statistical mechanics of electrorheological fluids.

Fernando Guevara Vasquez

Inverse problems for elliptic and hyperbolic equations. Cloaking. Numerical analysis.

Christel Hohenegger

Low Reynolds number fluid dynamics. Rheology of complex fluids. Soft matter suspensions. Math Biology. Applied mathematics.

Sean Lawley

Mathematical Biology, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Applied Mathematics.

Graeme Milton

Composite materials and metamaterials. Cloaking. Optics. Electromagnetic theory. Statistical mechanics. Networks.

Akil Narayan

Numerical Analysis. Scientific Computing. Approximation Algorithms.

Braxton Osting

Partial Differential Equations. Optimization and Control. Graph Theory. Machine Learning.

Andrejs Treibergs

Geometric analysis, particularly its application to problems in mechanics and physics.

Bao Wang

Deep Learning, Stochastic Optimization, and Scientific Computing.

Bei Wang Phillips (Adjunct)

Computational topology, topological data analysis, applied topology, computational geometry, data visualization.

Jingyi Zhu

Mathematical finance. Material science. Fluid mechanics. Numerical methods.

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