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RTG: Optimization and Inversion for the 21st Century Workforce

Mathematical optimization, inversion, and data science play a crucial role in applications across the sciences, engineering, and medicine. This RTG leverages the expertise of mathematics faculty in these and related areas to train and mentor students across levels ranging from high school to doctoral and postdoctoral scholars. Some of the core projects will include optimization and design for

  • Metamaterials
  • Porous media
  • Photonics
  • Climate modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Remote sensing
  • Polar ecology
  • Medical imaging
  • Geophysical exploration
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Material topology
The RTG will introduce a new optimization-centered graduate curriculum, offer trainees at all levels significant experience working on important interdisciplinary problems in vertically integrated settings, and, mimicking successful engineering classes, a mathematical design competition to motivate students, and a thematic RTG conference to provide collaborative mechanisms between RTG participants and internationally renowned researchers. This RTG project will benefit the broader math community and beyond as the involved students and postdocs assume leading roles as researchers and educators in the 21st-century workforce.

This group is sponsored by NSF award #2136198.

Fellowship funds from this grant can only be used to support US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents.

Programs and Activities

  • Engagement of Underserved Students
  • High School REU

  • Science Research Initiative
  • Research Experiences for Undergrads
  • High School Ambassadors
  • Design Competition Course

  • Applied Math Collective
  • Summer Mentorship Program
  • Internships

Postdoctoral Fellows

Current RTG supported postdocs

Fellowship funds are available for supporting postdoctoral fellows. More details and application instructions are found at our Mathjobs page.

Note that funding is only open to US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents.

PhD Students

Current RTG supported PhD students

Rebecca Hardenbrook

Tyler Schuessler

The RTG is actively recruiting new students to join our program. Funding is available for students to join at the PhD level. We may also be able to support funded Masters degrees.

Current students in the departmental graduate programs may apply for RTG funding by contacting the Principal Investigators. Outside students first apply to the department's PhD program. In your personal statement mention that you strongly wish to be considered for the Applied Math RTG. Fee waiver codes are available for applicants to the RTG programs, see the Fee Waiver section of the application instruction page.

Note that funding is only open to US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents.

Principal Investigators

Faculty involved in the administration of this RTG grant

Ken Golden

Polar Research Experience, High School Program

Elena Cherkaev

SRI, Curriculum

Fernando Guevara Vasquez

Curriculum, Webpage

Christel Hohenegger

High School Program, Budget

Akil Narayan

Applied Math Seminar, Summer Mentorship